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Blennodia pterosperma (J.M.Black) J.M.Black
Wild Stock
A plant from the Simpson Desert, which flowers after rain.The flowers can be mauve, pink or white.

  Blennodia pterosperma Blennodia pterosperma
  Description:Flowers Description:Plant
  Location:French Line, Simpson Desert, South Australia Location:French Line, Simpson Desert, South Australia
   GPS coordinates: N/A  GPS coordinates: N/A
  Date:20 June 2007 Date:20 June 2007
  Field No.:U884 Field No.:U884
  Blennodia pterosperma Blennodia pterosperma
  Description:Plant Description:Plant
  Location:Birdsville Track, Western  Queensland Location:Birdsville Track, Western  Queensland
   GPS coordinates:26˚24.9950S, 13931.4440E  GPS coordinates:26˚24.9950S, 13931.4440E
  Date:6 August 2012 Date:6 August 2012
  Field No.:1131 Field No.:1131

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Blennodia pterosperma