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Anodopetalum biglandulosum (A.Cunn. ex Hook.) Hook.f.
This tree is common in Tasmanian rainforests and forms thickets as the branches fall over in a horizontal fashion.

Anodopetalum biglandulosum Anodopetalum biglandulosum
  Description:Flowers and leaves Description:Flowers and leaves
  Location:Lake St Clair,Tasmania Location:Lake St Clair,Tasmania
  GPS coordinates:42˚05.8575S, 146˚10.2542E GPS coordinates:42˚05.8575S, 146˚10.2542E
  Date of photo:11 January 2010 Date of photo:11 January 2010
  Field No.:U62 Field No.:U62
  Anodopetalum biglandulosum  
  Description:Tree showing horizontal branches
  Location:Tahune Airwalk,Tasmania
  GPS coordinates:43˚08.7803S, 146˚50.9964E
  Date of photo:4 January 2007
Field No.:U63


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Anodopetalum biglandulosum