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Melichrus adpressus
A.Cunn. ex DC.
Jam Tarts / Large Flowered Nectar Heath
Grows at Mt Misery via Irvinebank in North Queensland. Also grows in New South Wales.

Melichrus adpressus Melichrus adpressus
  Description:Flowers and leaves Description:Flowers and leaves
  Location:Mt Misery,North Queensland Location:Mt Misery,North Queensland
  GPS coordinates:17˚28.082S, 145˚13.864E GPS coordinates:17˚28.082S, 145˚13.864E
  Date of photo:18 December 2011 Date of photo:18 December 2011
  Field No.: 1003D Field No.: 1003D
  Melichrus adpressus Melichrus adpressus
Description:Plant Description:Plant
  Location:Irvinebank, North Queensland Location:Mt Misery, North Queensland
  GPS coordinates:N/A GPS coordinates:N/A
  Date of photo:8 July 2007 Date of photo:18 December 2011
  Field No.: U454 Field No.: 1003D

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Melichrus adpressus