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Pentachondra pumila (J.R.Forst. & G.Forst.) R.Br.
Carpet Heath
Carpet Heath is a common mat forming heath in alpine areas. The leaves are green on both surfaces. It has entire leaves,  conspicuous white flowers and red fruit.
  Montitega dealbata  has a similar habit but the undersides of its leaves have  white stripes rather than green.


Pentachondra pumila Pentachondra pumila
  Description:Flowers ,fruit and leaves Description:Plant
  Location:Ben Lomond, Tasmania Location:Falls Creek,Victoria
  GPS coordinates:4132.405S 14740.470E GPS coordinates:3652.531S 14715.509E
  Date of photo:20th January 2010 Date of photo:19th January 2012
  Field No.:U488 Field No.: U489
  Pentachondra pumila Pentachondra pumila
  Description:Flowers, fruit and leaves Description:Flower
  Location:Ben Lomond, Tasmania Location:Vale of Belvoir, Tasmania
  GPS coordinates:4132.405S 14740.470E GPS coordinates:4133.358S 14554.307E
  Date of photo:1st January 2013 Date of photo:15th January 2013
  Field No.: 1781 Field No.:1925
  Pentachondra pumila Pentachondra pumila
  Description:Plant in habitat Description:Plant
  Location:Falls Creek, Victoria Location:Mt Kosciuszko , New South Wales
  GPS coordinates:3652.531S 14715.509E GPS coordinates:3627.872S 14816.187E
  Date of photo:11th February 2014 Date of photo:17th February 2014
Field No.: 2408 Field No.:2443


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Pentachondra pumila