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Platylobium montanum I. Thomp.
Platylobium montanum I. Thomp. subsp. montanum
Identified near Omeo in Victoria. Unfortunately it had finished flowering at the time of the visit.

  Platylobium montanum subsp. montanum Platylobium montanum subsp. montanum
Description:Leaves and pods Description:Plant with Wahlenbergia sp
Location:Falls Creek to Omeo, Victoria Location:Falls Creek to Omeo, Victoria
GPS coordinates:36˚56.7740S, 147°24.1330E GPS coordinates:36˚56.7740S, 147°24.1330E
  Date:5 January 2017 Date:5 January 2017
  Field No.:5912A Field No.:5912A

References (accessed 1 April 2017):

Thompson, I.R., (2011) A revision of Platylobium (Fabaceae: Bossiaeeae). Muelleria 29(2): 154-172


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Platylobium montanum