Australian Desert Plants - Lamiaceae
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  Dicrastylis cordifolia Dicrastylis costelloi Dicrastylis doranii
  Dicrastylis exsuccosa Dicrastylis fulva Dicrastylis gilesii
  Dicrastylis globiflora Dicrastylis lewellinii Dicrastylis parvifolia
  Dicrastylis sessilifolia Dicrastylis verticillata  

Reference (accessed 10 January 2019):

Munir, A.A. (1978), Taxonomic revision of Chloanthaceae trib. Physopsidae. Brunonia 1(4):407-692 

Rye, B.L. & Trudgen, M.E. (1998), A taxonomic revision of Dicrastylis sect. Dicrastylis (Lamiaceae subfamily Chloanthoideae). Nuytsia 12(2):229-384

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