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The genera within Linderniaceae were revised in  2013 in the article cited below. The revised genera have not been accepted in Queensland but have been accepted by APC.
To avoid confusion, both  names are presented here.

  Artanema fimbriatum    

Bonnaya / Lindernia
  Bonnaya antipoda / Lindernia antipoda Bonnaya ciliata / Lindernia ciliata  

  Hemiarrhena plantaginea    

Lindernia beasleyi Lindernia lobelioides  

Torenia / Lindernia
  Lindernia crustacea / Torenia crustacea    

Vandellia / Lindernia
  Vandellia anagallis / Lindernia anagallis Vandellia aplectra / Lindernia aplectra Lindernia subulata / Vandellia subulata
  Vandellia sp. Lindernia sp Sudley/Vandellia sp Sudley  


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