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Petalostigma banksii Britten & S.Moore
Quinine Bush
Common in the savannah woodland in North Queensland.
This species was collected by Banks and Solander at Cooktown in 1770. This species has glabrous leaves.

  Petalostigma banksii Petalostigma banksii
Description:Leaves Description:Plant in habitat. Growing with Platysace valida
  Location:Battle Camp Road, Cooktown, North Queensland Location:Battle Camp Road, Cooktown, North Queensland
  GPS coordinates:15˚17.3298S 144˚51.4194E GPS coordinates:15˚17.3298S 144˚51.4194E
  Date: 30 January 2016 Date: 30 January 2016
  Field No.: 3872 Field No.: 3872


References (accessed 14 February 2016):

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Petalostigma banksii