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  Bossiaea armitii Bossiaea bossiaeoides Bossiaea  bracteosa
  Bossiaea carinalis Bossiaea cordigera Bossiaea cucullata
  Bossiaea  decumbens Bossiaea distichoclada Bossiaea heterophylla
  Bossiaea linophylla Bossiaea preissii Bossiaea riparia
  Bossiaea sericea    


Reference (accessed 5 April  2019):

Thompson I, (2012), A revision of eastern Australian Bossiaea  (Fabaceae: Bossiaeeae) , Muelleria 30(2): 106174

Ross, J.H., (2006) A conspectus of the Western Australian Bossiaea species (Bossiaeeae: Fabaceae). Muelleria 23: 15-143





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