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A selection of Australia's beautiful Calandrinias.They are difficult to identify accurately so any comments are welcome.

Calandrinia balonensis Calandrinia creethae Calandrinia eremaea
  Calandrinia gracilis Calandrinia granulifera Calandrinia oblonga
Calandrinia polyandra Calandrinia pytchosperma Calandrinia quadrivalvis
  Calandrinia reticulata Calandrinia strophiolata Calandrinia tumida
  Calandrinia uniflora Calandrinia sp Lumeah  

References (accessed 24 November 2018):

Flora NT - Calandrinia

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Hershkovitz, M.A. (1998), Parakeelya: a new genus segregated from Calandrinia (Portulacaceae). Phytologia 84(2):98-106


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