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  Eremophila abietina Eremophila alternifolia Eremophila battii
  Eremophila bignoniiflora Eremophila calorhabdos Eremophila canaliculata
  Eremophila christopheri Eremophila clarkei Eremophila crassifolia
  Eremophila cuneifolia Eremophila decipiens Eremophila dempsteri
  Eremophila deserti Eremophila duttonii Eremophila eriocalyx
  Eremophilaexilifolia Eremophila foliosissima Eremophila forrestii
  Eremophila fraseri Eremophila freelingii Eremophila galeata
Eremophila georgei Eremophila gibsonii Eremophila gilesii
  Eremophila glabra Eremophila glutinosa Eremophila goodwinii
  Eremophila homoplastica Eremophila lachnocalyx Eremophila lanceolata
Eremophila latrobei Eremophila linearis Eremophila longifolia
Eremophila macdonnellii Eremophila mackinlayi Eremophila maculata
  Eremophilamargarethae Eremophila micrantha Eremophila miniata
  Eremophila mitchellii Eremophila neglecta Eremophila obovata
  Eremophila oldfieldii Eremophila oppositifolia Eremophila paisleyii
  Eremophila pallida Eremophila pantonii Eremophila phyllopoda
  Eremophila platycalyx Eremophila platythamnos Eremophila polyclada
  Eremophila prostrata Eremophila psilocalyx Eremophila punctata
  Eremophila punicea Eremophila scoparia Eremophila serrulata
  Eremophila spuria Eremophila sturtii Eremophila tietkensii
  Eremophila weldii Eremophila willsii Eremophila youngii


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