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North Queensland Plants has commenced a new section on North Queensland Orchids. Emphasis will be on North Queensland  orchids initially.  Many orchid names are currently under discussion. In this section, the names in Jones (2006) are used as the primary name. Taxonomic synonyms are given as the secondary names.


Orchids by Genus

  Genus Species
  Adelopetalum Adelopetalum lageniforme
  Bromheadia Bromheadia pulchra
  Cadetia Cadetia taylori
  Calanthe Calanthe australasica
  Calochilus Calochilus caeruleus
  Cepobaculum Cepobaculum canaliculatum
    Cepobaculum trilamellatum
  Cestichus Cestichus fleckeri
Coelandra Coelandra smilliae
  Conostalix Conostalix paludicola
  Corymborkis Corymborkis veratrifolia
  Cymbidium Cymbidium canaliculatum
    Cymbidium madidum
    Cymbidium suave
  Dienia Dienia montana
  Dipodium Dipodium ensifolium
    Dipodium variegatum
  Diuris Diuris luteola
    Diuris operina
  Dockrillia Dockrillia calamiformis
    Dockrillia rigida
  Durabaculum Durabaculum undulatum
  Geodorum Geodorum densiflorum
  Grastidium Grastidium baileyi
  Habenaria Habenaria praecox
    Habenaria propinquior
  Mobilabium Mobilabium hamatum
  Microtis Microtis parviflora
  Oberonia Oberonia rimachila
  Petalochilus Petalochilus chamaephyllus
  Pinalia Pinalia kingii
  Pseudovanilla Pseudovanilla foliata
  Serpenticaulis Serpenticaulis johnsonii
  Spathoglottis Spathoglottis paulinae
  Taeniophyllum Taeniophyllum lobatum
  Thelychiton Thelychiton adae
    Thelychiton fleckeri
    Thelychiton jonesii
  Thelymitra Thelymitra queenslandica
  Trachyrhizum Trachyrhizum agrostophyllum
  Vappodes Vappodes bigibba
  Zeuxine Zeuxine oblonga


Jones D.L., (2006) A complete guide to the Native Orchids of Australia including the the Island Territories.

Dockrill A.W., (1969) Australian Indigenous Orchids, Vol 1.

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