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A selection of Australia's Acacias with an emphasis on North Queensland Acacias, as well mistletoe hosts some other interesting species from other parts of Australia.
  Acacia alpina Acacia aulacocarpa Acacia auriculoformis
  Acacia celsa Acacia calyculata Acacia chisholmii
  Acacia cincinnata Acacia crassicarpa Acacia decora
  Acacia dimidiata Acacia falcata Acacia flavescens
  Acacia galioides Acacia guymeri Acacia hammondii
  Acacia hemignosta Acacia holosericea Acacia humifusa
  Acacia latescens Acacia lazaridis Acacia legnota
  Acacia leptocarpa Acacia leptostachya Acacia leptoloba
  Acacia ligulata Acacia longipedunculata Acacia mangium
  Acacia meiosperma Acacia melanoxylon Acacia monticola
  Acacia multisiliqua Acacia oraria Acacia peuce
  Acacia pickardii Acacia polystachya Acacia purpureopetala
  Acacia pyrifolia Acacia quadrilateralis Acacia racospermoides
  Acacia salicina Acacia sericophylla Acacia simsii
  Acacia spondylophylla Acacia tetragonophylla Acacia umbellata
  Acacia victoriae Acacia wickhamii Acacia whitei


Reference (accessed 28 July 2018):

Maslin, B.R. in Orchard, A.E. & Wilson, A.J.G. (ed.) (2001), Flora of Australia 11A: 41





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