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 Australia has many species of Scaevola - a few interesting species are featured here.

  Scaevola aemula Scaevola albida Scaevola ambylanthera
  Scaevola  basedowii Scaevola browniana Scaevola bursariifolia
  Scaevola calendulacea Scaevola canescens Scaevola collaris
  Scaevola crassifolia Scaevola depauperata Scaevola enantophylla
Scaevola glabrata Scaevola hamiltonii Scaevola hookeri
  Scaevola humilis Scaevola laciniata Scaevola linearis
Scaevola myrtifolia Scaevola nitida Scaevola parvibarbata
  Scaevola parvifolia Scaevola revoluta Scaevola phlebopetala
  Scaevola ramossisima Scaevola spinescens Scaevola striata
  Scaevola taccada Scaevola thesioides Scaevola virgata


Carolin, R.C. in George, A.S., (ed) (1992), Scaevola, Flora of Australia 35: 84-185

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